Sunday, 5 February 2012

Baby boy blues and a little bit more luv

Spent the weekend just playing. I really need it to do it after a very stressful week and I am very  lucky enough to be in the position to just shut myself away when I want to.

I made this little book for the birth of Baby Charlie.  His Mum or Mam as they say up this end of the world  asked me if I would add the photos as she was scared she might mess it up.  Seeing as I had not taken any photos of it before I gave it away I said yes...................  Also she was threatening to use sellotape!!!!!!!!!!

I managed to sell all six of my little books of love at work on Friday and I have a few people wanting to buy one,  so I made another 5...........Bit miffed as Leroy made me put half  the money in our money pot, affectionately known as the "Dingle Pot", how rude of him, wont tell him if I do sell the next 5.

I will be looking on the challenge blogs this week so hopefully next weekend will be a return to messy paints and inks.  I am really looking forward to Dy's release of her new colours, stamps and stencils under the Banner of Ranger................I have told the other half I am having them all.

Have a good weekend , TFL


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