Sunday, 19 August 2012

Way too long.


OMG I haven't blogged for a very a long time.  Life just gets in the way I guess.  Must do better

So what have I been doing in the creative part of Tuck Towers.Few cards, a couple of gift bags, a couple of wall art projects, a couple of albums and a mirror that I altered  So off we go with some of them...........

Okay.  I went to Ikea a few weeks back looking for cheap frames and this little beauty was on a sale stand can called out to me.  Now I am not a lover of the colour brick red so it had to have a make over.....

 I sanded the mirror back to the natural wood using a big boys sander (dont tell the other half that I was playing with his toys). I then applied LOTS of Tim Holtz Distress inks in various shades of brown, in-between each colouring I dried with a heat gun to access if I had found the colour I was looking for. Most of the embellishments bar a few are from the main man Mr Tim Holtz.

What next........
My friend Katy came up for the weekend to stay and we  went off to a workshop on the Saturday at AFTH that was taught by the lovely Sandra.  The project was a lovely little album with lots of pockets and places to add photos etc.  We had a great day and once the weekend was over me being me had to pull the whole thing to bits and start over again having learned from my mistakes.  Katy thanks for a great weekend by the way.  Katy's blog can be found here  If you have never been to AFTH have a look see here  Great shop and a amazing place to learn new stuff, a trip to this fab little piece of heaven is food to my soul.

Here is some shots of the finish project.

I decided that I would like to make another album again with lots of places to put "stuff"..............

At the start of the workshop I really didn't like these papers by the end of making these two little albums I am hooked.

Wall art
This is a canvas for the wall, with billions of layers with lots of distress ink around the edge.  The photo doesn't really pick up the detail but the whole piece is sprayed with a perfect pearls glimmer mist and the outcome is very pretty.  The layering is not really my style and it is pink, but I did fall in love with it whilst playing,.....


Well that's me for now.
Thanks for looking and I would love you to leave a wee comment.


  1. Im very impressed - you did floral and Pink in one post - im starting to get worried now!!! love them all - really liked the inks on the frame and love the layers on the canvas!!! Your pocket book is wonderful - I love some of those little books. Well done Mrs!!!! xxxxx

  2. I am a sucker for pocket yours! The frame came out great! The color is so grungy which I love and the t!m elements are the perfect touch!

  3. You finished the mirror AND the book. Am impressed!