Monday, 25 November 2013

Seriously over two months since I blogged


I cannot believe it has been over two months since I have last blogged.  That is way too long.

A lot has taken place over that time period

1 I have an art student  - she is 7 years old and a total dream to teach.
2. Hels and I held our second workshop in the Northeast.
3. I arranged my first Art Birthday for a group of 10 years old.
4.  The biggest heartbreak was moving from my home of 8 years.
5. I won a set of Wendy Vecchi stamps from the lady herself.

Guess not bad for two months worth of MIA

So lets get this photo heavy post started.  In no particular order.........

A group of wonderful artists who came to Hels Sheridan Melt Pot weekend.  We had a fun crazy time, just what I needed to be honest.  They all made some amazing creations using UTEE. Thank you ladies for making it a good weekend and hers to Jan and Feb where we will all meet up again.

These cool ladies rocked the weekend.

Lou in the corner - Enough said, if you know Lou then you know why she was in the corner.  Love this lady to bits

I made them all a little trick or treat bag using tims paper bag die and lost of Dyans yummy inks

Next up my adorable art student -  two of her amazing works of art - She is like a little sponge just soaks it all up and away she goes.  She has her own mind and WILL place where she wants, no matter what!

This lesson was about colour

This lesson was all about layers

Next up I made this little canvas for a new baby in our family.  Bit cutesy for me but I did manage to get some ink and paint on it. I had to cover his little face up for obvious reasons.  I have been reliably informed that it is going on his bedroom door.

What a fab name, way cute baby!

Next up was my first Art Birthday party that I hosted for five young ladies.  Four of them had never created art in a mixed media way and they sure had fun.  I had my friend Debbie alongside to help me through the madness.  Without her I would have definitely had a few more of natures highlights in my hair,  All paints,  inks and stamps by either Dyan or Tim..............ranger you rock to.

Check out the one and only blue project amid the sea of pink

As per normal most of the products used were Ranger, Tim's or Dyan's, too many to list in my usual way.

Thank you for stopping by, sorry I have been missing in action, promise to do better.

Take care



  1. glad to see you back blogging hun... we missed you tonnes xx

  2. Great photos Sue, time is definitely flying by, I can't believe it's so long since the weekend. I love the finished baby canvas and the girls work is excellent. Hugs Debbie