Sunday, 6 May 2012

Things you can do with a Tissue!!!


I have been messing around with Paints, inks, wax and tissues today..........................You what tissues I hear you say.

Well this time last year I was a wee bit poorly.  I had a disc removed from my spine (neck) and replace with a artificial one and was off work for a while.  So as you do when you are a crafter I was browsing through a copy of Craft Stamper and found a project by the amazing Hel's Sheridan were she stamped on a tissue and used wax to attach to a canvas.  Well having really disliked using wax on a mini Ranger U  weekend at AFTH in Harrogate I thought this is so not going to work, but I had to have a play..............Loved it so much when i finished that it went up on my wall and not in the cupboard of doom and the project was also featured in October 11 CS under the section about designers that inspire you. Go Hel's

Anyway I digress.

This weekend I have been quite low and wanted to something to lift me. Clicked on Hel's Sunday Stamper challenge this morning and the theme was Brown and Blue.

I love Dylusions sayings stamp, them make me smile and remind me of Dy so much.  So what better way to lift me then a canvas made of the lady's sayings and my fav colours tooooooooooooo.

What did I do

Separate a 2 ply tissue into 2  pieces (discard one of them) and stamp with whatever stamps you want onto the other.  I used Archival coffee ink
Cover a canvas board with paint (I used 3 different colours)and stamp directly onto it to create layers with archival ink  (I didn't use this  particular canvas in the end, but you get the point).

Place the stamped tissue onto the canvas and cut to shape, leaving a small border to wrap around the  back.  Cover the tissue with thin layers of  melted wax and use a heat tool to keep the wax melted until you have the depth of wax you want.  There is no right or wrong amount of wax to use.  Add any metal findings, flowers in fact any thing you want whilst the wax is still wet.
Leave to dry and buff with a towel to create a shine.

These were the products i used to create my mini canvas to make me smile.

This is the one that was featured in CS (loving my little Buddha head made out of UTEE)




  1. You been busy - love them - like you not keen on wax but this looks amazing!!

  2. I have never been quite sure about using wax but you make it sound relatively easy. I love what you have created and yes Dy and her sayings are both amazing. Anne x

  3. Stunning canvas hun... sorry things have been getting you down - hope that they pick up really soon... saw your "inspired by" in the mag and was chuffed that you liked the piece enough to have a go yourself... and yes, Wax is SO easy to use, tis just remembering to keep melting it to push it about. Look forward to seeing more waxy creations... thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

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  5. Love this canvas i must try using tissue paper.

  6. Pssssssst... that stamp set you were after... just thought I would let you know that it is called Accents for Art and is available from The Stamp Attic... am helpful like that rofl xx