Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blown away..........................


What a week in Tuck Towers is all I can say.  Last Sunday I decided to put together a weekend workshop with the very talented Hels Sheridan to take place in July in the North East.  Have I ever done this before, erm  that would be a no,  has it been fun to arrange ERM that would be a YES..............Loving my life at the moment for sure.15 Lovely ladies will be descending on the North East for two days in July being taught by Hels, we have two fab projects in mind and we are going to have a blast, playing with all things inky, Holtz, Vecchi and Ranger................Just get in does life get any better than that, guess that would be a yes read on..............

Just had to share this .....

This morning I woke up and found that a fellow crafting buddy has signed me up and paid for an amazing on-line class by Stephanie Ackerman.  It is called 52  Card Pick up and it is amazing.  Here is a little picture of  how fab this course is going to be.

Can you believe that these were just plain old playing cards until Stephaine started playing with them, no pun intended.  The course is a year long and I am so looking forward to getting to grips with it.  A mega huge thank you to a lady called Karen for a wonderful present, you are a special lady for real.

The link below will take you to Stephanie blog and from there to 52 card pick up, go have a look see you will not be disappointed and join up for some fun.


I went to a local craft show today and met a very talented man called Tom.  He is the inventor of the Splodgeaway mat.  He very kindly demonstrated how to use the mat , using his fab masks and all I can say is wow.  I was sold, job done, want everyone I know who plays with inks to have one.  Go and have a look at his YouTube videos to see what I mean. Also big thank you to Sam who let me have a play with the mat myself.

Yep had to buy the BIG one

Made a couple of serviette holders using the guru that is Tim Holtz little bag die for Valentines dinner, if I can find a serviettes to go in them I will post a photo as they are super cute.

PS Found some serviettes, not a great photo but you get the idea.

Oh an made some for Christmas also......

Any ways thank you for stopping by Tuck towers until the next time. Sue


  1. Thank you Sue for the lovely write up on SplodgeAway. I was lovely to meet you. That 52 Card Pick Up class looks great will have to cheeck it out. Sam

  2. omg, I love the look of that class... you know me, anything with a heart is a winner! thanks for all your hard work with the arrangements etc... is it July yet? xx