Sunday, 18 March 2012

Saturday delights!


After another extremely tough week at work Saturday arrived and that could only mean I was off to AFTH for two reasons:

1 To pick up my inks......................Oh yes baby,  they are so lush and now in my hot little hands.

2. To attend a workshop taster with the wonderful  Kaz.

 Kaz is such a nice lady and very modest about her talent which is so refreshing to see. 
We made a three legged tag, which at first I thought WHAT, but after having made it I so know that I will be making more of these little babies.

When you attend workshops you more than likely meet up with friends and yesterday the lovely Donna was there and also the very talented Tracy, great to see them both again. 
Here is too the next meet up.

Really beginning to like Art Journalling, not that I am any good at it yet, but you never know. On the recommendation of the lovely Kaz I went off to WH Smiths today and brought a copy of a mag called LOVE to assist me with images!  Couldn't find any of Dy's recommendation though but will keep looking.

I am off for two days now and I fully intend to end up with very messy hands. 




  1. Your tag looks fabby just like you! thank you so much for yesterday, your words meant the world.....hope its not too long till I see you again really looking forward to seeing what you do with those inks, the mag and your journal!! Thanks again Sue you are brill xx

  2. the tag looks fab Sue - well done! and how jealous am I that you have the new inks. Look forward to seeing more blog posts with your creations with them xx Tracy

    1. thanks Tracy, one day i might be in the same league as you guys

  3. WOW...I love the three legged tag!! And I am immensley jealous that you have the inks already. I am trying to wait patiently, and not very well at that. Hope this week at work is better, and you have some time for the ultimate stress reliever...making art. Can't wait to see what's next.

    1. thank you Sara. Loving the inks very much.