Sunday, 11 March 2012

Work in progress

Been a few weeks since my last post.  Just run out of time, work is really far too busy.

Friday I took the day off and went to my fav shop in the whole world AFTH.  I went to pick up Dy's new stencils and a few other items slipped into my bag (paid for of course).  Also booked myself on to Kaz's  workshop next Saturday, really looking forward to that..
Dy was in the building which was fab, had a bit of a natter and as always laugh or two.

Well what have I managed to produce over the last couple of weeks?  To be honest three works in progress.

Number 1

This is a mix of using Dy's , Tim's and Ranger products, with a hand made rose using Hels Sheridan's technique chucked into the mix.  I used Tim's technique for March 12 tags of 2012, on the wings. Love the mosaic effect, brilliant idea. Had to do a bit of a touch up with black paint, that's why there is a shiny patch lol.

To be honest not really sure what this will turn into.........................

Number 2

I have been trying to art journal and this page is a total try of different methods, products and techniques.  Messed up a few times, but isn't that what it is all about? Work in progress...............................

Number 3

I really loved this page until I messed it up, hence why I have stuck a big flower on the page to hide the mega mistake whilst I took a photo.  I  need to find something else to go on there.  The idea behind the page was feeling like you are being watched.  Long story and one day I will be able to tell it all but at present have to keep it to myself.

Anyway hopefully I will get to do a few of the challenges this week.

have a good week

Thanks for looking


  1. Love them all! and remember nothing is a mistake - its just another chance to expand your creativity!!! Donna Arkle xx

  2. LOVE, LOVE LOVE!! just catching up on your posts....youve been soo busy!