Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mojo has gone on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My mojo has well and truly deserted me this weekend. Couldn't wait for the weekend just hadn't planned on my mojo deciding to do a runner.

Having said that I have started a new journal page, it is going to be a Maldives "Wish I was here" page.  well that's the plan. A work in progress.

All week I have been engrossed in Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 on-line class. First thing I do when I get home is log on and watch & learn. The classes are fab and if you haven't signed up yet crafting buddies you need to do so.  Here is the link.

One of the girls I work with wears a lot of costume  jewellery and I  have had my eye on a few bits, thinking recycling here.

This little pile of unloved, unwanted and broken jewellery

 became this little pile of adornments, just waiting to be utilised onto a project.

Off to move some ink and paper around my desks.........................



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