Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday blues


Well where did that week gone???????  More to the point where did the weekend go?

Been totally engrossed in Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 for the last two weeks.  Even though I am a TH fan or should that say obsessive fan I managed to learn so much from the 10 days and it was well worth the $35.00 to take part.The man is 100% genius.

Well this weekend I went over to AFTH to pick up a few supplies, ha, ha.  Anyone who knows me is fully aware once inside the shop my ability to reason goes out the window. Enough said.  Tried to talk the lovely Dy into running an on-line course, but she wasn't having any of it for now.....................Not giving up yet.

I spent yesterday making Easter Cards for a friend, very much a direct copy of the main man's version, but why try and change perfection I say.  Just could not bring myself to do a glittery bow.

This little pile..............

Became these little beauties

Today I have messing around with a few techniques from CC101.  Not sure I have nailed the watercolour technique down yet, but think that is because I am a tad anal and want everything to look perfect.

Next week as my other half is working I will be spending one day cleaning and three days playing sounds good to me.

Well thats me for this week.  Need to go and do some work in prep for tomorrow (what is that all about it is Sunday).

TFL & take care

PS well done to Kaz for getting a well deserved place on Ranger U.  You rock girl.



  1. Hey the cards look great! Know what you mean about CC101 - have been doing it myself. Have another 5 tags to do and then i think i have finished it. Well worth the money - love it!! Have fun with your playing this week xx

    1. Donna your 20 tags a head of me hun. I meant next weekend to play, wish it was this week instead. LOl

  2. PS Dizzydee is me Donna Arkle!!! he he

  3. love your cards sue and you need those supplies!! lol thanks for the kind thoughts too....means alot x mwah

    kaz x